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Childhood Dream Comes True - Meet Stormtracker 13's Newest Meteorologist

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) - Do you remember what career you dreamed of having when you were a kid? Maybe you wanted to be a superhero like wonder woman or a wizard like Harry potter. But, after a few Halloween costumes you moved on. That's not what happened for one young man from Clay, West Virginia. He's about to get the chance at his dream job,  right here on 13 News.

'It's Halloween you want to be a Jedi, no you want to be a weatherman," questioned Spencer Adkins, Stormtracker 13 Chief Meteorologist, "Who wants to be a weatherman?"

From the age of 5, Joe Fitzwater had a passion. His mentor was a pretty familiar face - then and now! Joe had to choose a costume for his kindergarten class and he chose Spencer Adkins.

"He did the whole nine yards the suit the shoes everything," said Adkins.  

"My two heroes in weather were Mike McVay and Spencer," said Fitzwater," Spencer was chief, so I decided to go as him. I think we got the hair down right."

"He already understands the struggle of being a bald guy here," said Adkins, "He didn't try the comb over, which is good."

The video of Joe dressed as Spencer aired back in the year 2000 on WOWK-TV.  

Now fast forward to 2018, after years of studying, plus a successful 13 News internship and a degree from Marshall University Joe is getting his chance.

"He's so good at everything he does," remarked Adkins.

Most recently, Joe has been an assignment editor and a morning show producer at 13 News.

"Then there's an opening and the boss comes to me and says maybe we should look at this guy and I said yeah have you seen what he does with weather," exclaimed Adkins, "And then he got on TV and knocked it out of the park .. it was unbelievable!"

That's right Joe is joining Spencer Adkins and Bryan Hughes on the Stormtracker 13 weather team.

"This is a hometown success story, you couldn't write it better," said Meteorologist Bryan Hughes, "He wanted it from a kid all the way to adulthood. He's taken the bull by the horns and now he's a part of our team. I couldn't be happier and Spencer's thrilled."

"Its cool getting to work beside someone you've looked up to almost your whole life," said Fitzwater.

"Bryan and I learn stuff from him all the time," said Adkins, "like social media and watch for the sense of humor."

"My pun game is strong," joked Fitzwater.

And, so is his weather game.

"I like to put that local touch on forecasting," said Fitzwater, "I spend a lot of time making sure its as accurate as possible."

Now weekend meteorologist Joe Fitzwater is proof that your never too young to start chasing your dreams!

Get to know Joe a little better with our extended interview! 







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