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One Poca Community Furious Over Impassable Road

POCA, WV (WOWK) - Taking a drive on Harmons Creek Road is pleasant, but the road's conditions progressively get worse as you continue to drive on it.

Severe rainfall has caused the road to be completely submerged by rushing water down the hillsides, loosening and washing away chunks of pavement.

But for a little over 30 homes nestled in the countryside of Poca, these conditions are the norm. Residents have been addressing the growing road issues to state and county officials for years with no solutions in return.

About 15 residents gathered at the Harmons Creek Nazarene Church earlier today, waiting to meet with Senator Jeffries and Department of Highways personnel to express their frustrations and demand action.

Daniel Taylor, an upset resident said, "they need to come in here and do the job and finish the job, not try to Band-Aid this and get by, because a Band-Aid is not going to repair the problem..."

However, past the church, the road's conditions begin to worsen. County and state officials having no idea what the conditions are like, only seeing parts of the road before the church.

One resident who lives past the church at her wits end, concerned for her and her family's safety and is tired of begging for help all these years.

Upset resident, Mary Carter said, "I am very, very, very angry. I mean, to this point, I don't care if I pay taxes. I don't care it I vote again. I mean, it's to the point where we're forgotten. Why don't we forget about the senators and the governor, and everything? Why can we not forget about them?"

Carters home sits at the base of a large hill where Harmons Creek Road wraps around. The immense rainfall has loosened the soil and it is beginning to slide. Carter explained that if nothing is done soon, the road will slide down the hillside onto her property, also blocking the creek that runs through there, causing more flooding.

Carter said it's merely impossible to even get regular maintenance on the road.

"The ditches should have been cleaned out, the road should have been grated and there should have been black top put down on the road, but until they clean the ditches, mow the weeds, and ditch it first, they can then prepare the road to be paved..."

13 News will stay on this story if any new details arise or if fixes are completed.

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