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Social Movement #MyHuntington Kicks Off

HUNTINGTON (WOWKTV) - While Huntington has been last in many categories during the last decade, the city has been the first for so many great things for people who love it. 

"It's all of our stories. It's all of our experiences. We're going to tell those stories and take that narrative. For me, Huntington is personal," Franklin Norton said. "I grew up here, learned here, I go to school here now. I had my first date here; my first kiss."

Norton is a senior at Marshall University and he's one of people who is excited about a new social movement in Huntington called "My Huntington."

My Huntington was started after several groups realized they had the same idea at the same time. Promoting economic development, innovation, and the city being a kind and accepting community is just a few of the positive stories that are a priority.

Mayor Steve Williams explained this doesn't mean Huntington is ignoring any problems it's dealing with - it's just a way to promote the progress the city is making. 

"What you have to be able to do is take ownership of those difficulties that you have but also know that by having an engaged community - having everybody in the community - not just saying all is good, all is glowing. Acknowledge what those problems are but know you are going to prevail and that defines Huntington," Williams said. 

Local business owner Marsha Mattingly was a driving force behind My Huntington. She said she chose to stay in Huntington because she loves it. 

"It's safe, it's happy, it's home," Mattingly said. "Huntington is vibrant... You always know someone if you walk in to a place, which is an atmosphere Chicago doesn't have or New York doesn't have. It's so nice." 

New advertisements will start airing on television and radio. To find out more information you can click here.  For social media whizzes you can tell your story then use hashtag #MyHuntington. 


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