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St.Albans Police Department surprises residents with random acts of kindness

The holiday season can be tough trying to juggle bills, presents and hosting family out of town. The  25177 Foundation and the St.Albans Police Department partnered up to pass out K-mart gift cards and teddy bears. 

"Every act and everything I do for my community is about you and about other. If I can make a difference in one person's life.. Hey what a difference were all making in this world," Walter Hall said, president of the 25177 Foundation. Hall is also the Vice Mayor and city councilman in St.Albans. 

Police police cruisers also hit the streets by pulling people over for routine safety stops and presenting them with the gift. One woman explained she was nervous and told her two children to "calm down and it will be okay".

"I think it's amazing. I see her (Sgt. Sheila Pinson) on the field all the time because they're always out here in St.Albans. I occasionally pass her in her vehicle. I think it's an awesome thing that they're doing that they're giving back to the community and try to be some spirit into St.Albans," Amanda Stanley said. 

"People don't realize it but we're out here doing these random acts of kindness.  Police officers are humans just as well and everyone has emotions. It's just good to give back to somebody and pay it forward," Sergeant Sheila Pinson said. 

The 25177 Foundation helps local youth organizations by donations of time, talents and financial resources. 

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