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Voters Looking at Democratic/Republican Candidates for Charleston Mayor

Voters Looking at Democratic/Republican Candidates for Charleston Mayor

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) - The West Virginia Primary election is just 3 1/2 weeks away and voters are getting ready to decide who will lead the capital city. There are two Democrats and one Republican running for Mayor and then things will really heat up in the general election.

Three very different candidates are hoping they will be the one to take Charleston into it's next chapter.

"I'm someone's wife, I'm someone's mother, I'm someone's daughter, I'm someone's sister. I have the same concerns as every other family in the city of Charleston," Democrat Amy Goodwin told 13 News.

Goodwin is focused on turning Charleston around, into a vibrant, growing city.

"This is an urgent, urgent time for the Charleston. With the decline in population and the massive loss of our wonderful and bright children- now's the time to stop, we've got to stop what we're doing, we've got to turn that tide back around," Goodwin explained.

She served as Deputy Secretary of Commerce and the state Commissioner of Tourism.

"I'm uniquely qualified to do the thing the city of Charleston needs the most- we need to sell ourselves. We need to sell our community," Goodwin added.

Goodwin is running against Andy Richardson for the Democratic seat.

"What I'm hearing is public safety, improving the quality government services we've already received and jobs- jobs solve everything," Richardson told 13 News.

Richardson is the Vice President for Health Smart, and has served as an At-Large Councilman for six years. He also worked in Governor Caperton's administration and says his leadership skills make him uniquely qualified for the job.

"I had 14-hundred employees when I was in Governor Caperton's cabinet and made hard decisions, tough decisions. In the private sector I've made hard decisions tough decisions. I know what it is to lead," Richardson explained.

Richardson or Goodwin will be facing J.B. Akers in the November general election. Akers runs a private law firm in Charleston and also serves as the City Clerk.

"Jobs and the economy number one, public safety and public service- and those things are all tied together," Akers said.

At least one independent candidate has also filed to run, but voters won't have a chance to select a third party candidate until the general election in November. The Republican and Democratic primaries are May 8th.

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