CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – First responders risk their lives every day to keep our community safe. One particular save in Charleston is what makes the Charleston Fire Department the recipients of 13 Gives Back for March.

On Mar. 4, firefighters responded to a house fire on Tennessee Avenue on the city’s West Side. Once everyone was out of the building, firefighters went back into the house to do another check and found a dog in its crate.

Once the dog was rescued to safety, emergency crews on the scene used special oxygen masks designed for animals to provide the dog with oxygen… and some much-needed pets.

“We were going to the second floor to find the extension of the fire ended up turning the top of the stairs my captain here found a dog with his thermal imaging camera Run out of his cage right into the right they went and continue their search as I went to get the dog all I did was get on my knees and say here dog and he came right to me I picked him up and took him outside to the medics,” said Charleston firefighter and paramedic Steven Martin.

Captain Tim Hartwell was the one who spotted the dog on the thermal imaging camera in its crate, he told 13 News, “when I reached in to get it took off, that’s when he went and followed the dog to the right and the other firefighter and I went left and finished searching that room.”

When asked to describe what it’s like being a Charleston firefighter Hartwell responded with, “it’s the greatest job in the world”.