CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The premiere car show festival ‘Rod Run and Doo Wop’ will be returning to the Capital City yet again next week! 13 news got an exclusive look ahead of the event.

The doo wop will host more than 700 vehicles from all over the country. Everything from old classics to new favorites for all car enthusiasts to enjoy! People come from all over the country to showcase or observe this event.

“We have cars from usually about 10 or 12 different states that comes to this show. We don’t judge any cars, we have sponsors. we have about 80 sponsors and they pick their favorite car and we award them a trophy,” says Jack Jarvis, the President of the Rod Run and Doo Wop.

More than that, the Doo Wop generates a huge economic impact to the city.

“Its such a special event for the city of Charleston, yes for the folks that come to see all the cars from across the country. But our hotels love it, obviously. Our restaurants love it, obviously. And that’s why we sponsor some of the events because of the return on investment that we get,” says Charleston Mayor Amy Goodwin.

The Doo Wop begins Thursday October 6th with the car ‘drive-in’ and will run all through next weekend, with musical guests, entertainment and food. 13 News is a proud sponsor of the Rod Run and Doo Wop.