ST. ALBANS, WV (WOWK) — During Monday’s St. Albans City Council meeting, a 25-year-old man was given a “Citizen’s Life-Saving Award” after he heroically pulled a woman out of a house fire earlier this month.

His name is Jeffrey Mullins and he was making a DoorDash delivery with his fiancee when he saw the fire and sprang into action.

“It’s something that could happen at any time; I made an oath when I signed up to the military and I’m not afraid to sacrifice my life for any other living person,” said Mullens.

Mullens says he and his fiancee saw smoke coming from the window of a house on Knox Avenue that Saturday morning.

“At first she thought maybe it was some type of furnace, but I realized the way the window was cracked that that wasn’t no furnace, so I walked up to the window, yelled in there, and heard a lady say ‘help!'”

Mullens called 911, alerted the neighbors, and then went into the house through a side door and pulled the woman out of the blazing home by her wrists.

St. Albans Fire Marshal Chris Collins says it gave the woman a fighting chance.

“We live in a culture where most people nowadays if they stopped at all, they’d pull out their cell phones and want to record the event, this guy decided to take action, but he actually put himself in danger,” said Collins.

The victim subsequently died of her wounds a week later in the hospital, but Mullins says he doesn’t regret doing what he did.

“She got to spend time with her family, it’s hard losing a loved one in a fire when you can’t even say goodbye or make amends.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.