CABELL COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – Three Cabell County Schools employees are facing three-day, unpaid suspensions according to officials with the school district.

The suspensions were confirmed by a spokesperson for Cabell County Schools, however, the district and board of education are not revealing the reasonings behind the suspensions. The Cabell County Board of Education voted on these suspensions last Tuesday.

According to the school district, the employees facing suspension include:

  • Huntington High School teacher Becky Nibert – to be suspended on the days of June 1-3, 2022
  • Huntington High School Principal Dan Gleason – to be suspended June 3, June 10, and June 17, 2022
  • Huntington East Middle School Principal De Morrow-Perry – to be suspended June 22-24, 2022

While the reasonings behind these suspensions are not being released, Nibert is one of the teachers accused of allegedly taking her class to a religious revival. A lawsuit filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation claims she allegedly “took her entire class to the Nik Walker Ministries assembly, saying the students in the class were not given the option to abstain from attending the assembly.”

That event led to a student-led, walk-out protest at the school during the same free period used for the religious assembly.

Following the assembly, the school district told 13 News the teachers involved had been “corrected” but did not elaborate on what that “correction” was.

Morrow-Perry has recently been accused of allegedly telling female students not to report unwanted sexual misconduct if they were touched inappropriately while wearing certain items of clothing.

At the time the alleged incident was made public, two students and others at the Cabell County Schools Board Meeting on April 5, 2022, made allegations that Morrow-Perry took girls into the cafeteria of Huntington East Middle School on April 1, 2022, to talk to them about the dress code, allegedly stating that if they were inappropriately touched while wearing clothing such as pajamas, crop tops or ripped jeans or were showing their shoulders, the school would “do nothing about it.”

After the investigation began, a spokesperson for Cabell County Schools said Morrow-Perry had been put on a three-day, unpaid suspension but that the suspension was not related to these allegations.

Parents in the district said moving forward, they want to see positive changes being made for their kids.

“The willingness to learn from the mistakes that are being made and willingness to fix those mistakes is really what I want to see happening,” said Cabell County Schools Parent, Chris Stacey.

Mike Mills, a parent whose child is headed to Huntington High School next year, said he wants to make sure everything is in order before his son is headed to the school

“They need to really get it together before the new school year and get things figured out because the students are the ones that are going to suffer from it.” said Cabell County Schools Parent, Mills.