For 6 years, an annual event has been helping the Pinch Volunteer Fire Department fund for various equipment to better serve the community.

Hootenanny in the Hills invites all those who seek rough trails for ATVing, or often referred to as “mudding.” For $20 per rider, the fire department has created a 40-mile trail with many options for everyone to enjoy, such as gravel, creeks, mud, and mountain-side terrain.

Over the last six years, the event has grown in popularity.

Hootenanny in the Hills Organizer/Pinch Fire Department Capt., Duane Legg said, “We have people travel from all over. We got people here from North Carolina, we got people here from Arkansas this year that are absolutely delighted and tickled to be here.”

The event began early this morning and ran until late in the afternoon. The fire department did not have a complete head count halfway through the event, but the number at that time was roughly over 200 participants.

The money raised will be used for new equipment this year.

“It makes it easier to go out and buy a truck or buy new gear for our guys, whatever that money needs to be spent on. We’re in the process of replacing a pickup truck right now, so this money will most definitely help in that aspect of it,” said Legg.

The amount of money raised has not been released yet.