KENTUCKY (WEHT) – Governor Andy Beshear released a summary of the feedback obtained by his Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee on Friday. According to the committee’s reports, 90% of Kentucky adults support legalizing medical cannabis.

Governor Beshear formed the committee to travel the state and listen to Kentuckians’ views on the topic after lawmakers failed to pass legislation legalizing medical cannabis earlier this year. Beshear says he is taking the information into consideration as he analyzes what steps need to be taken to legalize medical cannabis.

According to a release from the governor’s office, the advisory committee did not hear any opposition at their town hall meetings. The committee also noted military veterans attending the town halls emphasized the benefits of cannabis in reducing PTSD symptoms.

The committee says they also found that chronic conditions affect Kentuckians of all ages who are not getting relieve from prescribed opioids and pain killers and worry about the addictive properties of those drugs, whereas research indicates individuals cannot overdose on medical cannabis.

According to the committee, Kentuckians are reportedly leaving the state to go to states where medical cannabis is legal, and they want to be able to come back to Kentucky without breaking the law.

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