HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – The Huntington Police Department says authorities anticipate concluding their search of a pond in connection to a missing infant girl today, Friday, June 25.

Huntington city officials say on June 22, Kentucky State Police, HPD and the FBI executed a search warrant on a Carter County, Kentucky, property owned by Shannon Overstreet, the father of missing infant Angel Overstreet.

Angel is thought to have been missing since May 8, 2021. On Monday, May 24, representatives of West Virginia Child Protective Services (CPS) contacted HPD saying that they were following up with Angel’s father, Shannon Overstreet, on a custody issue from Kentucky. He then allegedly told CPS he had turned Angel over to CPS two weeks earlier, but there was no evidence of that alleged custody exchange.

On Wednesday, May 26, HPD said they “are concerned for the safety of the child.” The department announced on June 4 that the investigation into her disappearance had spanned into Kentucky and said the last visual confirmation of Angel’s whereabouts was on May 2.

Authorities say a pond on Shannon Overstreet’s property was drained for investigators to search for any possible evidence related to Angel’s disappearance. Investigators say they will not comment on what has or has not been collected from the pond and anything recovered during the search will be analyzed to assess its evidentiary value.

News of the search is rippling across the community.

“Everybody don’t know what’s going on really and everybody’s kinda being hush about it cause they don’t wanna be involved in it,” says Harold Barker, a resident of Carter County.

“All I’ve heard is there’s a child missing and the last we’ve heard was there’s a pond up here, for some reason they think it’s maybe in the pond. The first place I seen it was on a prayer chain a few nights ago, and then here Wednesday night at church we discussed it and we all of course naturally prayed for the family and the child and hoping good things turn up rather than bad,” says Daris Wilburn, a resident of Carter County.

When Angel was first reported missing, she was three months old. She is described as white with blue eyes and dark-colored hair with a reddish tint. She has a strawberry-shaped mark on the back of her neck.

While some are hopeful she will be found, others are not quite as convinced.

“I hope she ain’t there, you know, I hope that he, you know, gave her to somebody else or something or other. I hope she ain’t, you know, in the pond,” Barker says.

“Somebody’s guilty of doing something! Hm! Right?” says Delpha Barker, resident of Carter County, “I said they could’ve dropped the baby at my place, I would’ve kept it. You know it’s awful that so many people wants children and can’t have them and then stuff like this happens.”

Anyone who may have any knowledge of Angel Overstreet’s movement or location, especially between the dates of May 2 and May 10, is urged to contact the Huntington Police Department at 304-696-4420 or contact the HPD anonymous tip line at 304-696-4444.

According to Huntington City officials, no one has been eliminated as a suspect in the disappearance of Angel at this time.

HPD says they thank the KSP, FBI, Cabell County Prosecutor’s Office, Olive Hill Volunteer Fire Department, Carter County Attorney Brian Hayes, David Castle, the West Virginia State Police Crime Scene Response Team coordinator, the West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center, and Clark’s Pump N Shop Marathon in Olive Hill for their assistance in conducting this search.

Watch the full press conference from May 26 here: