CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – A child development center in Huntington is asking for your help. Organizers are looking to get supplies for babies who are suffering from drug withdrawals.

River Valley Child Development Services has many programs but the program RVCARES has been around for about three years specifically for babies who have been exposed to substance abuse.

“It was based on the big overdose situation that happened here in Huntington about three or four years ago and my thought was what was happening to those babies if all those moms were overdosing,” Suzi Brodof, Executive Director of River Valley Child Development Services said.

The center had to close for a while due to COVID-19 and now is in the process of revamping the infant room.

“We decided that we were going to replenish some of the things we had, get a fresh new start adding new children. We’ve added new staff and we’re still serving the needs of those babies,” Brodof said.

Some of the things they’re looking for is baby necessities.

“We’re needing just basic things for children. A lot of developmental toys, a couple of things just to make it more cozy for the infants we will be bringing in. Swaddles are a big thing, baby necessities,” Candyce Craft, Assistant Teacher said.

Staff usually help the babies from about six weeks to two-years-old when they’re having withdrawal symptoms.

“Tremors, stiffness in the arms and legs, a lot of them have sensory processing issues that means sensitivity to light or noise or new people,” Craft said.

“We have soft colors, pastels, we keep the music soft to try to help the children to get use to those sensory things.”

The children also learn socialization skills to get use to other people.

“Being able to stand in these kids’ corner and cheer them on is something I get to go home and be thankful for every single day I’m here,” Craft said.

RVCARES is also taking referrals for children and they’re also hiring. If you would like to know what other items they need, click here.