GARRETT, KY (WOWK) – Kentucky floodwaters have left families devastated, but on Monday, one family found hope in troubled times.

“It’s just destroyed everything for everybody,” said Olivia Johnson, Garrett Resident.

Like so many other families, Johnson says the floodwaters destroyed her home, her parent’s home and their personal belongings.

Even though she said they lost everything, what really brought her to tears was her daughter’s cat, Francis.

“I have been here every day since the water has gone down and couldn’t find him anywhere. He’s starving ” Johnson said.

For days, she said they haven’t been able to find Francis, and she hasn’t had the courage to tell her daughter he’s gone. Now, she won’t have to.

Today, 13 News helped reunite Johnson’s daughter with her lost cat, just in time for her birthday.

“I’m so happy about the cat being back though. I’ve cried for days,” Johnson said.

As for everything else she’s lost, Johnson said it’s going to take time to clean up. All she asks is that people continue to spread kindness and help one another whenever they can.

“People need kindness.” Johnson said, “You don’t know how much of a difference 30 minutes of your time could make to somebody that steps in their front door and slide.”