CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Former Delegate Joshua Higginbotham served 5 years in the House. He’s now seeking a Senate seat with his focus on the state economy.

“Eliminating the income tax is one of my top priorities. If we raise the sales tax it will allow us to have our budget remain completely neutral. And the average West Virginian could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year,” said Joshua Higginbotham, (R) Candidate for Senate District 8.

Attorney Mark Hunt spent 14 years in the House of Delegates as a Democrat, who has now switched parties. He, too, wants to fix the economy.

“The way we create jobs is to improve our infrastructure. It’s all about building new things. If we build it, the old saying, they will come. So we have to improve our broadband. We have to improve our tax base,” said Mark Hunt, Candidate for Senate District 8.

Certified business coach and entrepreneur Andrea Kiessling, is also big on economic development.

“The elimination of income tax. If we are able to pass that legislation and bcome the tenth state in the nation to adopt that, and eliminate income tax. We have seen from the other nine states that have done so, it really drives and explodes population growths,” said Andrea Kiessling, (R) Candidate for Senate District 8.

But former coal miner and laborer Mark Mitchem wants more focus on those in poverty or facing tough times.

“I think if we get more jobs in this state and try to help people get off the drugs, this and that. And get them a job somewhere, and not treat them like they’re dirt,” said Mark Mitchem, (R) Candidate for Senate District 8.

The district includes portions of Kanawha, Putnam, Jackson, Clay and Roane Counties. The Republican primary winner will face incumbent Democrat State Senator Richard Lindsay in November.

With this race Republicans are looking to pad the super majority they already have in the State Senate.