In March Don Blankenship filed a defamation lawsuit that included major media outlets like CNN and Fox News. Now he has announced yet another lawsuit. This time the former senate candidate is going after Donald Trump Jr.

“…it is unfortunate that I had to do so. No doubt many of you will feel I should not have,” wrote Blankenship.

The lawsuit claims Trump Jr. played a role in spreading “fake news”. Blankenship claims that Trump Jr. used his contacts with Fox News to “do McConnell’s (and in turn, the NRSC’s) bidding.”

Blankenship said in a press release that Trump Jr. sent defaming tweets immediately following his meeting with a Republican Committee in Miami, Florida on May 3. One of the tweets allegdedy read “that (Blankenship) went to prison for actions that led to the deaths of twenty-nine coal miners” a notion Blankenship says is false. 

The lawsuit was filed in Mingo County Circuit Court on Thursday.