MILTON, WV (WOWK) — Blenko Glass in Milton is known for its beautiful and unique creations made by hand. This year, they’ve made a limited edition piece for the return of the Charleston Sternwheel Regatta.

There were only 50 pieces made.

“It is spot on,” said Alex Burdette, the Arts and Community Liaison for Blenko and the person who came up with the design for the Sternwheel Regatta pieces. “The guys did a great job bringing the idea to life.”

Randy Rider has worked at Blenko for 42 years. He is a finisher. Rider helped turn Burdette’s idea into reality.

“They weren’t too hard after we got used to them. They were fun. Alex was proud of them,” Rider said.

Burdette said the shape mimics the smoke stacks on a sternwheeler. The colors reflect the Regatta logo.

“It was really cool watching them make it because it has a lot of moving parts. This color here isn’t even just one color it is a couple of colors. It is our cobalt blue encased in our crystal. Then you’ve got a wrap. Then an additional color ruby lip on it. So that it is four colors in there. It makes a really beautiful piece,” Burdette said.

Wednesday the mold for the glass was part of the public tours at Blenko. Rider said even the intricate swirl around the smokestacks wasn’t too difficult to figure out after a few experiments.

“You just have to learn the glassware of it. You know how to work the glass,” he said.

Rider and Burdette are hoping that their creations will be an important part of the memories from this year’s Regatta.

“It makes somebody happy and it tickles me to death,” Rider said. “The West Virginia pieces and anything special like that I like,” Rider said.

Most of those 50 pieces will go to major donors and the sternwheel boat owners who bring their boats to the event. Plus if you really want to get your hands on one of them Regatta organizers will be auctioning off three of them to raise money for future events.