CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – People on both sides of the abortion debate gathered inside the West Virginia State Capitol for a rally right after the public hearing on Wednesday.

The bill clarifying abortion laws in the State of West Virginia was passed by the House of Delegates on Wednesday in a 69-23 vote.

The amendment to the proposed bill that would create exceptions for rape and incest passed in the West Virginia House of Delegates with a 46-43 vote

Nearly 100 people earlier today. It was very loud with people shouting statements and things got emotional.

“I believe that God is the giver of life,” Carolyn Sharp, a pro-life advocate said.

“There’s so many complications and issues that can arise with every pregnancy,” Alisha Clemmons, an advocate for abortion rights said.

Protestors on both sides of the issue rallied inside the Capitol after a special session where lawmakers are trying to pass a bill that would make abortion illegal in most cases, along with making it illegal for doctors to perform abortions and also give out abortion medications. It says it will not punish the mother.

“Abortion as a procedure is one of the safest procedures you can get medically,” Clemmons said.

“Life is precious, it starts in the womb, and we have to as a nation begin to raise our children. Our moms and dads, we have to rebuild the family. It takes two people to have a child,” Sharp said.

While on the other hand, abortion-rights advocates say, “my body, my choice.”

“We’re here, we’re going to keep fighting, we’re going to make our voices heard and we’re going to be everything we can to protect patients in West Virginia,” Clemmons said.

There will be another rally on Thursday when the bill is presented to the Senate.