BOYD COUNTY, KY (WOWK) – Some Kentucky students were stuck at home for remote learning Friday because their school didn’t have enough teachers.

Boyd County High School was facing a staffing shortage Friday, with many staff members out due to the flu or other sicknesses.

Tom Holbrook, principal of Boyd County High School, said none of the absences were due to COVID. Holbrook said they are facing a district-wide substitute staffing shortage, with only eight full-time subs shared across all of its schools.

He said nothing beats in-person learning and his goal is to always keep his students in the classroom, but it’s hard to achieve that without substitutes to fill in.

“If there’s anybody out there that has a desire to help and make a difference in the community and in your schools please get on the sub list,” said Holbrook. “We could use you and put you to work almost every day. definitely a need. These kids want to be in school.

This isn’t just a problem in Boyd County, this is an issue they are seeing across the state.

Holbrook said he hopes this was just a one-time thing and plans to have students return here as normal on Monday.