CHARLESTON, W.V. (WOWK) – Dozens of rumors circulating, as the coronavirus circulates from country to country.

“Take a shot of apple cider vinegar and wash it down with some whisky,” said Rebekah Buckner.

“I heard it was seasonal and it’ll be gone when spring gets here,” said Beth Harrison.

Go online – you can’t miss them. ‘You need to get a mask’ warns one, and ‘the heat can kill the virus’ urges another.

“If you wash your hands with Tito’s Vodka, it’ll kill the coronavirus but it will not,” said April Bays.

“False information about the virus has spread faster than the virus, and has gotten into people’s lives and affected more people than the virus itself,” says Andrew Pattinson with the World Health Organization, or WHO.

WHO is working to put a stop to all of these rumors.

“Some of the videos that went out on Youtube the week of the declaration of emergency were getting hundreds of millions of views and none of them were based on science,” said Pattinson.

Youtube has now put a message at the top of any coronavirus searches, providing a direct link to the World Health Organization.

“We have the credible content,” said Pattinson.

Reliable, science based information, so the public can learn the facts.

Here is a link to the WHO’s website: