UPDATE (Thursday, April 14): The Cabell County Commission has selected Caleb Gibson as the new Commissioner to replace Nancy Cartmill.

Cabell county commissioners say filling late Commissioner, Nancy Cartmill’s role has been no easy feat.

“I have struggled with this decision because being a Republican elected official for a long time, not only in the legislature, but in the county commission, you grow to have working relationships with everyone,” said Cabell County Commissioner Kelli Sobonya. “It pains me to have to make that final determination.”

In the end republican Caleb Gibson was selected as interim commissioner. He is 37 years old and said following Cartmill won’t be easy.

“Nancy Cartmill’s shoes are not easy to fill,” said Gibson. “Both here in the county commission, but also in everything she has done over her lifetime in public service. I definitely do no take that responsibility lightly.”

Gibson attended Cabell Midland High School and graduated from Marshall University in 2006. He has a wife and two children and is currently the Associate Vice President of Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors in Huntington.

In this role he wants to focus on economic development, address infrastructure issues, and assess the American Relief Funds.

“Infrastructure problems with water and you know drainage issues that we have around the county,” Gibson said. “Some of that stuff maybe we can look at to help within the county.”

While his position is only temporary, he hopes to make it permanent.

“It’s kind of a job interview in the way to see how I do going into the primary election and the general election,” said Gibson. “If the voters will see it fit, then hopefully I stay on for the rest of Nancy’s term. I’m just hoping to do the best by everyone in Cabell County working together.”

CABELL COUNTY, WV (WOWK)—The Cabell County Commission will select one of three people to replace the late Commissioner Nancy Cartmill.

According to Cabell County Republican Chairwoman T-Anne See, the Cabell County Republican Executive Committee met and voted for three names to be sent to the Cabell County Commission.

One of the following people will be selected by the Commission as a temporary replacement for Cartmill:

  • Caleb Gibson (candidate on ballot)
  • Vicki Dunn-Marshall (place-holder only)
  • Kim Cooper (candidate on ballot)

On Thursday, Commissioner Jim Morgan will strike a name from the list. Then Commissioner Kelli Sobonya will strike a name, and the name who remails will fill the vacancy.