HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Ahead of the biggest snowfall so far this winter season, Cabell County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) workers were out Wednesday preparing.  

Workers were preparing gritters, checking blades, and getting ambulances ready for what might come on Thursday.

“Cabell County EMS is getting their trucks, there are four trucks with blades – we’re putting those on, making sure they’re working. I’m sure the department of highway is doing the same thing; the city of Huntington is doing the same thing – being prepared,” says Gordon Merry, the Director of Cabell County EMS.

He says, in the case of lost power lines, here are things residents should remember:

Things residents should remember:

“When power lines go down, then people decide to power their house with generators. They place generators where they should not. Never put one in the garage, never put one close to the house where the fumes can come in your house. You need to have a carbon monoxide detector in your house if you’re running a generator,” explains Merry.

He says to remember to have the proper items in your cars when traveling. That’s items like blankets, flashlights, and a charged phone.

He also says to plan accordingly as it will “more than likely” take you longer to get to work traveling on rural roads.