CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Charleston Area Medical Center is working to get people back into the habit of focusing on their daily health. As part of this goal, CAMC hosted an event Tuesday, Oct. 11 at the Cancer Center in Kanawha City.

“Well our habits changed a lot during the pandemic,” said Dale Witte, a spokesperson for CAMC. “Our eating habits changed, our health care habits changed and it is time to get back into those good habits.”

CAMC had speakers on hand to talk about a variety of health related topics and informational booths focused on post-pandemic wellness. The primary focus was on encouraging people to get back into the habit of visiting their doctor for regular health screenings.

“We just think that preventative health care is just so important for our community,” said Billie Clark, Education Specialist at CAMC. “Especially with the mortality rates and all of the illnesses prone in our area.”

Guest speakers also addressed topics such as nutrition and telehealth. People helped patients better understand ways to access health care through CAMC’s telemedicine services and provided information about eating healthier at home.

Organizers said the community seems read to start a new chapter.

“I think a lot of people are anxious to be doing different things than focusing on the pandemic,” Witte said. “They want to get back to normal, and normal means preventative medicine and doing those types of exams and things that they can to prevent disease.”