UPDATE: (4 P.M. Thursday, May 19, 2022): All events at Camp Molly Lauman will be canceled through Memorial Day based on recommendations from the Scioto County Health Department, according to the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland.

The organization also says an in-depth cleaning has been scheduled to eliminate any possible contaminations at the site. It will take two-to-three days to complete the cleaning.

SCIOTO COUNTY, OH (WOWK) – The Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland says all water sample tests from Camp Molly Lauman in Lucasville, Ohio have come back negative, showing no signs of contamination.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency collected samples of water sources throughout the camp after more than 100 of the 155 Camporee attendees reported symptoms of illness. Results for the tap and drinking water came back negative yesterday, May 18, also showing no signs of contamination.

Health officials are still working to determine the cause of the illness, but the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland and the Scioto County Health Department say, according to Regional Epidemiologist Molly Dargavell, the suspected cause of the illness is believed to be Norovirus. Health officials say health care providers are running testing to find common symptoms among patients.

Health officials say food has been ruled out as a possible source of the illness, and that several of those who are showing symptoms of illness brought their own food and did not eat what was provided by the camp.

The SCHD says attendees or their family members who experience vomiting, diarrhea, headaches or chills should seek medical attention, and may have to undergo fecal and vomit testing.

Those who attended are also asked to contact Dargavell at (740) 354-8931 or her email.

At this time, the SCHD is urging people to follow some guidelines to prevent potential spread of the illness. This includes:

  • Use proper hand hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly, especially after using the toilet or changing diapers and before eating, preparing or handling food.
  • Clean and disinfect any potentially contaminated surfaces, especially if you are experiencing vomiting or diarrhea. Health experts say to use a chlorine bleach solution with a concentration of 1000-5000 ppm (or 5-25 tablespoons of household bleach [5.25%] per gallon of water) or other EPA approved disinfectant.
  • Wash laundry thoroughly to remove any possible contamination.
  • Do not care for others if you are sick
  • Wash fruits and vegetables well and cook any seafood thoroughly and keep those who are sick out of areas where food is being prepared.

The Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland says they will release more information this afternoon. We will update you when those details become available.