CAMPBELLS CREEK, WV (WOWK) – One of the hardest-hit areas from Monday morning’s devastating flooding is in the Campbells Creek area of Eastern Kanawha County.

Patti & Roger Campbell were among the families who began the clean-up process Tuesday morning. They say its been a grueling process.

“A lot of mud, a lot of debris, just trying to pick up the pieces and see where we can go from here,” Roger Campbell said. 

Driveways filled with mud and lined with destroyed furniture – that’s what the community of Campbells Creek looks like Tuesday afternoon as cleanup begins for several residents.

“You don’t really know where to start. You just pick a room and start sucking up mud and go from there,” said Roger Campbell.

Water was reaching the inside of the Campbells’ home Monday morning, and forced them to take quick action.

“I came out of here with my Bible, my medicine, and my dog,” said Patti Campbell.

The Campbells don’t have flood insurance, and they’re unsure of what the future looks like for their home and living situation. But they say they are getting through by holding on to faith and resilience.

“We’ll be okay. There’s people that are worse off than we are and it’s just stuff. The people that’s worse off than us I’d rather see them get help. Like I said, God is providing for us right now. Like I said, it ain’t going to be easy but we’ll make it.”

Roger & Patti Campbell