GREENUP, KY (WOWK) – Spring is officially here and as the temperatures start to warm up, greenhouses and garden centers are starting to see more business. However, now is not the best time to start planting.

These past years, local greenhouses have noticed an age gap between their new and existing customers.

We’re looking at seeing more 20 and 30-year-old people starting to garden and that’s exciting!

Julie Bush, Garden Gate Greenhouse co-owner

As a new generation of gardeners take on the challenge, the question many are asking is “When is the best time to plant?” Greenup County’s Imel’s Greenhouse’s owner Kenneth Imel says the best dates to start planting can depend on the plant-type.

All of your coal crops like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale, and those things are good to plant now… pansies and some of your perennials.

Kenneth Imel, Imel’s Greenhouse owner

While there are some plants you can put into the ground now, there are also others if you plant too early, low temperatures could ruin them.

Frostbite is one of the leading causes of plants dying before they’re ready to bloom. When temperatures start to drop it can be hard to recover your garden, an issue that causes a shortage of seeds at local garden centers.

This past year, greenhouse owners saw a huge uptick in business much earlier than they were used to. Those who were new to gardening would plant too early and as a result, lost many of their crops.

While they enjoy the added foot traffic, local greenhouses are trying to encourage everyone to wait until the right time.

We’ve still got five or six weeks of maybe a chance of frosty and freezy nights.

Kenneth Imel, Imel’s Greenhouse owner

The earliest suggested time to start planting would be the last week of April. If you are planning on starting earlier, you should be prepared to move the plants indoors on cold mornings.