The case against the woman accused of gunning down her ex-husband at a McDonald’s parking lot in South Point will move forward to the grand jury.

The front row of the court room was filled with the family of Josh Jones at Monday morning’s preliminary hearing.

Jones is the man deputies say was gunned down by Belinda Adkins last month over what they believe was a custody issue.

Taking the stand at Adkins’ preliminary hearing Monday morning was Detective Jason Newman of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Newman’s testimony, Adkins is said to have fired one shot at Jones, which caused him to collapse by his vehicle.

Adkins then calmly walked over to Jones and, according to Newman’s testimony, shot down at him four more times before calmly walking back to her car and driving away toward Huntington.

In his testimony, Newman said Adkins’ phone was ‘pinged’ multiple times so deputies could try to find a location for her.

Newman says Adkins’ cell phone was pinged through several parts of South Point, Burlington, Ironton, and even Wayne County.

Detective Newman testified that deputies did recover a gun box, but have not yet recovered the gun they believe was used in the shooting.

Perhaps the most revealing detail during the preliminary hearing Monday was what Adkins did and said moments before her arrest – this, according to Detective Newman’s testimony.

“When we were pulling up and [Adkins saw] my vehicle; it’s a little bit marked, it has ‘Sheriff’ [written] on it. When she [saw] it, she actually dropped to her knees and put her hands on her head,” said Newman. “She actually made a statement because we asked why she was getting on her knees and she said, ‘because of what I’ve done… I didn’t [want to] be shot.'”

The case will be taken up by a grand jury which will determine whether or not to bring back an indictment against Adkins.

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