CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The Carpenter Ants have been together since 1987. 

“We’re a brotherhood, we’ve been that way for a long time,” said Ted Harrison, the band’s bass player.  

Charle Tee is on lead vocals.

Michael Lipton plays guitar.

Ted Harrison is on bass and Jupie Little plays drums. 

The Charleston-based band released their sixth album, “Tearin’ Down the House,” during the pandemic in July. 

It’s a double CD and some of the songs were recorded more than 15 years ago. 

“We had the music done and so all of a sudden we had time, which was good so we put it out but then all of a sudden you also can’t play so it’s like wait a second,” Lipton said. 

“We’re getting it out there and people are showing interest in it,” said Harrison.  

The Carpenter Ants are constantly writing and recording music and post lots of videos online. 

The members of The Carpenter Ants didn’t see each other for about six weeks when the pandemic started but since that time they have been very active. 

Band members say being away from each other was kind of strange after 33 years. 

“We’re together so much and then you had this time away and all of sudden you realize wow I haven’t seen these guys in forever,” Tee said. 

“It was good to take the break but once you jump back in you realize what you missed,” said Little. 

“It was like getting back to normal and watching people enjoying our music and enjoying our company,” Harrison said. 

The time off gave them time to think and reflect. 

But now they’re back and showing no signs of slowing down. 

“We’re serious about what we’re doing but we also have a good time and we like to laugh and we like to tease each other and you know it’s always good,” Tee said.  

Again, the band is constantly recording new music.  

Some of those songs could end up on a future album but the band is in no hurry to do that right now.