CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The Charleston Police Department and their community partners are teaming up to hold their second annual toy drive Wednesday and Thursday.

They will have hot chocolate, music, a bounce house, and of course Santa, who will arrive on a fire truck. Charleston Police Chief Tyke Hunt says because this event was so successful last year, they’re hoping for the same this year. So far there are about 300 families registered to receive toys this year so they need all the help they can get.

On Wednesday, Discovery Kingdom Preschool helped collect toys, and also sang a couple of Christmas carols to get the crowd in good spirits. “I’ve made them official honorary elves for the week. They showed up with a whole busload for Santa. The elves were celebrating in the North pole because they’re going to have a day off because the preschoolers brought in all those toys for us,” said Santa.

Because of an overwhelming request, they will not be accepting additional applications to receive toys until after the drive is over.

I think every kid should be able to wake up and enjoy the spirit of Christmas. and Every parent whether you can afford to or not you should have the opportunity to see the lovely smiles on those kids faces I remember it from when I was a kid the excitement and my heart still melts watching my own kids do it so I’m glad we get the chance to give other parents that opportunity and give the little ones a chance to give them something they want for Christmas.

Chief Tyke Hunt, Charleston Police Department