CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The City of Charleston is looking to honorarily rename a block of West Second Street. It would be in honor of Kelvin “KJ” Taylor, a Capital High student athlete who was shot and killed in April 2021.

The resolution to honorarily rename the street was introduced by Larry Moore, Ward 4 Council Member, who said he’s known Taylor since he was a “little guy.”

“He was loved by so many people in the community from adults to kids. He was just a great young man, and this is a way to keep his legacy going,” Moore said.

Taylor lived on the 900 block of West Second Street his entire life and was set to graduate from Capital High School in May 2021 before he lost his life to gun violence.

According to Moore, all 26 members of City Council are co-sponsoring the resolution that will honorarily name the 900 block of West Second Street in memory of Taylor.

“I’m happy that everyone’s agreed on it,” Moore said. “It’s a thing that needs to be done.”

The resolution passed through the Planning, Streets and Traffic Committee Monday, Aug. 22, and will now go to City Council Tuesday, Sept. 6 for adoption.

“Forever on, KJ will be in the neighborhood on the West Side in the hearts of everybody,” Moore said.

If the resolution is adopted, Moore said the addresses of those who live on the 900 block of West Second Street will not be changed.