A little girl in Lincoln County has big dreams of meeting her hero, country superstar Chris Stapleton. 

Meet Ivy — the 6-year-old loves to sing and play guitar. 

“With having down syndrome, her speech isn’t always great,” said Ivy’s mom, Gina Lucas. “But when she sings Chris Stapleton songs, she can sing every word he says, she says them right, and she knows what she is saying.” 

Lucas says Stapleton has made all the difference in Ivy’s life. The country superstar is making a stop in Charleston this summer and Ivy will be there. 

“Our goal is to let her meet and greet him… that would be the best thing in the world for her,” said Lucas. “If she could say hi or string a guitar for him, it would make her life.” 

Gina knows its a long shot, but hopes this video will catch the attention of the super star.

“Not everything she does will be easy,” said Lucas. “People are gonna judger her, but when she sings……. everything else disappears, and she is just Ivy.” 

After Stapleton’s team saw our story, he is inviting Ivy backstage for the concert!