CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A new exhibit dedicated to West Virginia-icon Brigadier General Chuck Yeager was unveiled on Monday at the West Virginia International Yeager Airport.

The unveiling was, “in partial observance,” of the 75th anniversary of Yeager becoming the first person to break the sound barrier on Oct. 14, 1947, a press release says.

West Virginia International Yeager Airport, Marshall University officials and special guest Victoria Yeager were in attendance.

Victoria Yeager, Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager’s wife, said it was amazing to see memorabilia from her late husband’s life.

“Seeing pictures of General Yeager, he’s such a handsome guy. It reminds me of so many of our adventures. We were together almost 21 years. I just love seeing his smile,” Victoria Yeager said.

The exhibit is in the airport’s observation area.

Items in the exhibit include ones that were donated to Marshall University by Chuck Yeager in 1986, a framed Aviation Week magazine about the sound barrier from 1947, a sculpture dedicated to the 50th anniversary of breaking the sound barrier in 1997, and more, Marshall University said.

Dr. David Pittenger, a professor at Marshall University that works with the flight school, says the long-term goal is to have different shows curated by a student studying history.