HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – For some, the holidays can be a lonely time and many refer to Christmas as the “Longest Night.” Local churches in Huntington, West Virginia started a tradition in 2020 reaching out to these people, letting them know they’re not forgotten.

The “Longest Night”, or as some would call it “Blue Christmas”, represents the time when many across the nation, who may not have friends and family to spend the holidays with, can feel lonely or depressed.

In recognition of those who may be feeling this way, the St. John Episcopal Church hosts a special service.

Sunday night, the church was joined by other area congregations for a quiet service dedicated to remembrance. The service featured moments of silence followed by prayers, scripture readings, meditation, singing, and candle lighting.

In 2020, the church held this event virtually as a way of acknowledging the emotional struggles the holidays bring for many. However, they’re not just focusing on these psychological obstacles.

During the service, several candles were lit, each symbolizing something different to remember this holiday season.

To remember the pain and the loss of relationships, to remember ourselves at Christmas time.

Jim Morgan, Trinity Episcopal Church Priest in Charge

One candle hit’s close to home for families for some Kentuckians. The church took a moment to remember those affected by the tornado in western Kentucky.

If you were not able to attend the service, you can find the full video here.