CLAY COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — One soon-to-be restaurant in Clay County is about to offer its customers a dining experience that’s off the beaten path and will take a leap of faith on their future customers.

The Trail Kitchen is owned and operated by Scott and Jeannie Marker, who are both transplants from the D.C. area who moved to West Virginia to pursue their dream of opening a restaurant deep in the hills of the Mountain State.

As the couple prepares for their grand opening on September 22, 2020, the Markers wanted to do something different and good by offering a unique payment method.

“Pay what you can afford, pay what you think it’s worth, or pay it forward,” said Scott.

That’s right, their menu has no prices listed and payment is anonymous.

“All we’re going to do is give the best quality food, best quality service, everything we can do for that person at the window, then hand them an envelope and they decide.”

Scott and Jeannie shared their new business plan on their Facebook page that exploded with positive support.

They understand the concept sounds crazy, but believe society has lost faith in itself.

“We don’t want to participate in that, we moved here to do something different in our lives, something outside of the normal, the peace and quiet… beautiful scenery and wonderful people, so why would we do this like normal people,” said Jeannie.

“We’re very unconventional people, so why stop now,” said Scott?

Their cards are all on the table, this is their retirement plan with no backup, and yet…

I really want to be sitting here a year from now telling stories about how this all happened, with a smile on our face and a unique story about westvirginia that makes people shake their head and say ‘how did that work'” said Scott.