LINCOLN COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — The people who trusted former Lincoln County Family Court Judge Scott Elswick are speaking out, saying they feel betrayed by their attorney.

They are claiming he “ghosted” them when they needed his help the most.

Elswick was a Family Court Judge in Lincoln County for 8 years until he left the bench and started his own practice in 2017. All was well until 2021, when one client says Elswick took her money, then cut off communication with no explanation, even causing her to miss her court date completely.

Carrie Soulliere says, “I have a voice and he is not going to hold it back anymore. He took my daughter from me with his poor representation. I haven’t seen my daughter in 18 months.

Another client says that she is concerned for him.

“I am worried about his well-being.  I had worked with Scott previously and he did everything we discussed and even refunded any remaining funds.  So for me, this is out of character for him,” she says.  

According to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, Elswick’s license to practice was suspended in May because “of his addiction to alcohol/drugs.”

Documents provided to 13 News state that he appeared in court disheveled and with lesions on his face and that a judge in family court learned Elswick may have been hospitalized for an overdose in April.

Despite these issues, Elswick is still receiving online reviews dated as recently as three days ago. One client stated that he, “took my money and didn’t do nothing to help me out in my child custody case.”

Elswick has not responded to any of our calls or emails.