UPDATE: (2:15 P.M. Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023) – Portsmouth High School Assistant Football Coach David Malone’s family tells WOWK 13 News that Malone has now been moved out of the ICU.

His family says he has been moved to the intermediate care/spinal care floor as he continues to recover from the injuries he sustained at Friday night’s football game.

His daughter, Talithia, says Malone’s pain is decreasing, but it is still painful for him to swallow and his voice is still weak. She also says he was able to walk up and down the hall Tuesday.

PORTSMOUTH, OH (WOWK) – A football coach is recovering after getting injured at Friday night’s game between Portsmouth High School and Greenup County High School.

According to Portsmouth High School Assistant Football Coach David Malone’s family, he suffered herniated discs in his neck followed by the severe traumatic impact at Friday night’s football game.

He was sent to Riverside Hospital in Columbus, Ohio following the incident.

Malone’s family says the injury caused compression on his spinal cord, and had the injury been prolonged without treatment, it would have cut off circulation to his spine.

“We’re talking paralysis, or even in an extreme case, death,” his daughter Talithia Malone said.

To correct this, Malone underwent emergency surgery early Saturday morning where surgeons placed pins in his back and fused the discs together. The surgery was a success, his family says.

His daughter Talitha Malone says there have been some obstacles. For a time, he couldn’t control his upper body movements.

Now, his family says he has control of his arms but is still dealing with numbness in fingers and hands. He has also started walking around a little bit and is able to eat.

“He’s been able to get up and walk with assistance from the physical therapist, and the nurse came and he was able to walk down the hall today,” Talithia said. “He was not able to make it back down the hall, but that’s okay, we’re still considering that progress.”

Malone’s family says right now doctors are pleased with his progress and one of the main reasons his recovery is going so well is the fact that he lives a healthy lifestyle.

Malone is still recovering in the ICU at Riverside Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

His family says they want to thank all those who have been a constant support as Coach Malone continues his recovery journey.

“For that amount of love, and I’m gonna call it love, to be shown is amazing, and we are so grateful, and we want to thank all the community and the people for their prayers everywhere,” said Malone’s wife Tonya Malone.