COAL GROVE, OH (WOWK) – The Coal Grove Police Department is one of 13 law enforcement agencies across Ohio receiving grant funding to help continue their efforts to prevent violent crime in their community.

According to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, the funding is being awarded to the 13 agencies through the 11th round of the Ohio Violent Crime Reduction Grant Program. The 11th round includes a total of $9.1 million to be split between the agencies.

Throughout the course of the program, DeWine says a total of $100 million has been awarded to law enforcement agencies across Ohio.

“We must ensure that local law enforcement agencies have the resources they need to prevent and investigate violent crime, and these grants support that mission,” said DeWine.

Of the total, the Coal Grove PD will receive a grant award of $16,328 that the governor’s office says may be put toward retention and/or hiring bonuses to help maintain staffing levels or recruit new officers, or to continue ongoing public safety services that are designed to investigate and prevent violent crimes.

Earlier this year, the City of Coal Grove hired a new police chief and new police force after the former chief and officers resigned in January 2022. Bill Murphy was sworn in as the new chief in February, with hiring three new officers as his first order of business. Those officers were also sworn in and began patrolling by the end of February.

(Photo Courtesy: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s Office)

DeWine’s office says other departments throughout the state receiving funding for violent crime prevention projects, such as hiring, new programs, new technology, new facilities or new equipment include:

  • Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority Police Department – $411,615
  • Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office – $1,598,041.82
  • Marietta College Police Department – $193,395.06
  • McConnellsville Police Department in Morgan County – $16,848
  • Washington Court House Police Department in Fayette County – $327,750.46
  • Akron Police Department in Summit County – $4,954,443
  • Cleveland Heights Police Department – $658,197.17
  • Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office – $101,983
  • Crawford County Sheriff’s Office – $53,928.16
  • Mansfield Division of Police in Richland County – $194,000
  • Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office – $185,000
  • Muskingum County Prosecutor’s Office – $349,169.35