RUSH, KY (WOWK) – The high water last week took a toll on many eastern Kentucky communities, leaving behind death and destruction.

The heartbreaking sight many are having to deal with has caught the attention of the off-road recreational group Rush Cartel based out of Boyd County, Kentucky.

Members of the group usually spend their free time out of the trails but whenever they hear someone is in need of help, they’re quick to step in.

In 2021, when a tornado hit the western part of Kentucky, the group partnered with donors in Boyd County to fill a school bus. The event was so successful they had to bring in two additional trailers to haul in donations.

On Aug. 7, 2022, they’ll be hosting a similar event outside of the Cannonsburg Walmart, hoping for the same turnout.

Member Roy Woody Wilburn says they’re accepting a little bit of everything.

“Water, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, soap, anything, and everything will actually help those people,” Wilburn says.

Members will be dropping off the donations in Hindman, Kentucky. This is a more than 100-mile journey, but Wilburn says the distance doesn’t matter, it’s about helping those in need.

The donation drive will be set up from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.