CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Neighbors, community members and our team here at 13 News are mourning the loss of a beloved parking attendant.

Edra Lou Johnson, 67, of Charleston, was struck by a car and killed on Tuesday.

Everyone here at 13 News had the pleasure of seeing Edra smile and wave when we came to work. Her neighbors agree she was the sweetest person and will be very missed.

“Edra was the best neighbor. Anything you needed she would be there,” Jessica Burnsed, a neighbor said.

Helpful, kind and nice. Three words that described Edra Johnson. Edra lived alone and didn’t have any children, so her neighborhood was her family.

“She treated us like family from holiday dinners to gifts for the kids, little treats and trinkets. They loved her,” Burnsed said.  

Nobody understands that more than Bobbie Spry, who says Edra was like a grandmother to her daughter, Charlie. They would often sit on the porch, have snacks and fun.

“She was a mamaw to my daughter and just looked out for everyone. Everyone remembers her as the lady who wore flowers in her head in the parking garage where she worked,” Spry said.

On Tuesday morning, Edra was tragically stuck and killed on Lee St. in downtown Charleston. It left many people in shock.

“Half a block of all of us neighbors went over and sat on her porch and just reminisced because she just had been out there with us the night before and talked about how sad it was,” Spry said.

Besides her neighborhood family, Edra was a cat mom. She had 13 to be exact. Neighbors say they are taking turns taking care of them until they can find them new homes.

“Even though she wasn’t a dog person, any animal from the stray cats, the groundhog, we have a neighborhood groundhog, he was well, well fed last year,” Burnsed.

Spry says it’s always hard when it happens to someone you know.

“When things like that happen, you’re like ‘oh my god, I’m praying for those people,’ but then, it’s one of your people and you just don’t know what to do,” Spry said.

Edra Johnson will be missed by so many coworkers, friends and family, and of course all of us here at 13 News.

The driver who hit Edra was 26 years old and police will be charging him. Those charges haven’t been released yet.