Storms on Sunday surprised people across the area, including a fifteen-year-old corgi named Pepper. The corgi took quite a journey, one that ended with internet fame.

“My mom was coming back from a run and found this dog, almost get hit by a car so she picked him up and brought him home,” said Matt Nelson, the founder and owner of @WeRateDogs on Twitter. “Immediately I was like I have the audience let’s see if I can put it out there.”

Matt and his mom didn’t stop with social media, they also put flyers up around the area they found Pepper.

“This older man drove by us and she was like oh we should ask him and I was like mom we can’t just stereotype we don’t’ want to ask every old person if this is there dog,” said Nelson.

That older man was Harry Wallace, Pepper’s owner and by the time he got his dog back, the photos of Pepper on Twitter had already blown up in popularity.

“Apparently Pepper has gone viral, which old people like us don’t understand,” said Buffy Wallace, Pepper’s owner. “Our grandson came in and said look at this, Pepper has 22,000 likes and I was like what are you talking about and now I think it’s up to 57,000 likes so he’s a very well known dog.”

The owners wanted to thank the Nelsons for taking care of Pepper and said that he is doing great after his big adventure.