CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Health experts say COVID-19 is on the rise again. With that, comes mask mandates.

“We are seeing increase masking in some places where we were able to decrease or do away with masking a little while and that directly related to increased variant presence in this valley of BA 4 AND BA 5,” Jessica McColley, who works for Cabin Creek Health Systems said.

Places like Charleston Area Medical Center and Marshall University have these signs up again. CAMC reinstated a universal face mask policy for all facilities on Tuesday, that was effective immediately.

“It is encouraging to see that CAMC has chosen to mask up again to really mitigate the risk. We know that masks work. If someone is infected and has a mask on if they’re around someone who’s not infected who always has a mask on, we know that the risk of transmission is so much lower,” McColley said.

Some say things could be better if people used their common sense.

“It might be necessary for places that are fully congregated with people like the regatta for instance. Personally, I don’t think it should be a mandatory thing. I feel like people should use their own common sense,” Stacy Norris, who gave her opinion on mask mandates.

The FDA is expanding its booster shots for all adults – urging people to get vaccinated. If you’re over the age of fifty a fourth booster dose.

“We know that America has attempted to decrease their masking mandates nationwide to help people feel like we’re moving back to normal or the before time, but this virus doesn’t really care about where you’ve been, who you’re with,” McColley said.

Doctors say they don’t know how long the mask mandate will be in place, but at least until cases are under control.