KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – Residents along Greenbrier Street are finally seeing some relief after a faulty drain caused rainwater to back up on their properties for four days.

On Thursday, August 18, crews began pumping water at the root of the issue: a collapsed and clogged culvert at the Capitol Flee Market.

13 News talked with crews who said they’re trying their best to recess the water so residents down the street can see some relief to their properties, but they’ll have to proceed cautiously. They said if they go too fast, it could flood the property below.

“Today our plan is to recess the water with a pump at a slow rate so we cause no more flooding,” said Justin Cooper, owner of Pure Muscle. “Once we pump the water out we’ll be able to tell what we need to do to excavate and find out the collapse of the drain pipe.”

Those affected said they’re happy to see relief, but at this point, residents like Joyce Evans said their homes and yards are already damaged.

“The drywall is bubbling at the bottom. It’s kind of disintegrating,” said Betty Evans-Pagur, daughter of Joyce Evans. “Furniture that maybe could’ve been salvaged a few days ago has now sat in water for so long that the wood has absorbed so much water it can never be repaired so it’s a total loss.”

Even with crews working to recess the water, Betty Evans-Pagur said it’s just the first step of a long road ahead to make her mother’s home once again livable.

“Let’s hope it gets all out quickly, but the restoration crew will be coming in tomorrow to start ripping up floors and taking out drywall and all of the furniture and all of her beds and everything has to come out,” Evans-Pagur said.