CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Just like the roads, interstate and bridges have tricky conditions so do the runways and taxiways at the West Virginia International Yeager Airport.

Thursday into Friday they were de-icing multiple planes and jets and crews were out for literally 24 hours clearing the runway making sure it was in safe use. Robbie Jones, a maintenance electrician with the airport was since 4 a.m. Friday and says it really takes a village to get the runways clear.

“If we have the manpower three people will go out of the runway in their brooms and the plows hit the runway first but the runway is the main priority,” he said.

Jones also says that crews do not use salt to treat the runway because it can cause rust but they use a chemical that won’t cause any harm to aircraft.

If you have had a flight canceled or delayed due to the snow or weather its important to note that that is not the airport’s call, but the individual airlines. “When we see cancellations that’s not on the airport that’s on the airline and we know its inconvenient for passengers and we hate to see that. But of course, with snow events like this, this is the safest option, but again those cancelations or delays, that’s not up to the airport, that’s up the airlines,” said Rachel Urbanski, the public affairs specialist with CRW.

But know that crews are working hard to get the runway clear for everyone’s safety.