CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — First a wallaby was spotted hopping around St. Albans on April 6, now two loose roosters have been seen and heard cock-a-doodle-doo-ing in the South Hills area of Charleston.

Since Friday, residents along Ravina Road and Oakwood Road have awoken to the sound of crowing roosters. Neighbor Hilary Pare has both seen and heard the roosters in her backyard.

“I thought maybe I was just in some fever dream and, you know, everybody’s been locked up in the house for a while with COVID stuff going on. I thought maybe I was just losing it, and then I came out and saw them pecking around. Yeah, they’re 100 percent just two roosters hanging out in my backyard.”

Hilary Pare

The two roosters have put up a fight with animal rescuers who have been trying to capture them. The roosters have been hiding in brush on a steep hill and fleeing when approached.

Humane Officers for the Charleston Police Department have been trying to capture the rooster since Monday. They believe the roosters belong to a house on Ravina Road.

Officers said they have been unsuccessful in persuading the owners to help capture the roosters.

A Charleston Humane Officer said they may acquire nets and tranquilizers from Putnam County Humane Officers for the roosters’ capture.

This story is developing as more information comes in. Stay with WOWK 13 News for updates.