CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – West Virginia International Yeager Airport Wildlife Patrol Dog Hercules took a field trip to put his skills to use for the community.

Hercules and his handler, Chris Keyser, stopped by the soccer field at the Elk Elementary Center near Coonskin Park to help chase geese from the fields.

Airport officials say Hercules and Keyser go down to the field “every now and then” to run the geese away from the lawn where children play. Keyser filmed a video of Hercules at work on their latest visit.

CRW says this not only helps keep the fields from getting too messy from the geese that frequent the airport, but Hercules chases the birds in the opposite direction of the airport, helping to deter them from going in the direction of CRW.

Officials say this results in clear skies for the aircrafts to fly and a clean soccer field for the kids to play.