CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – With West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s tenure in the state’s top office reaching term limits, the 2024 West Virginia gubernatorial race is guaranteed to have new contenders vying for the job.

This morning, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022, West Virginia Delegate Moore Capito (R-Kanawha County) announced on Metro News Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval that he intends to run for governor in 2024. The 40-year-old attorney was just elected to his fourth term in the WV House of Delegates.

“We’re going to focus on investing our families and strengthening our communities,” Moore said on Metro News Talkline. “So I am proud to be where I am. I’ll make my case to the people of West Virginia, and I think when they learn about Moore Capito, they’re going to know that Moore Capito means more jobs.”

Capito is the son of US Senator Shelley Moore Capito and grandson of former governor the late Arch A. Moore Jr., His grandfather served as the state’s 28th and 30th governors of the Mountain State.

“You know, as the father of two children and a lifelong West Virginian, I have skin in the game like so many West Virginians,” said Captio. “I went to public school, so I feel a special connection and purpose to the State of West Virginia and always have. And I want to serve the people of West Virginia the very, very best I can.”

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner says he is also considering his own bid on the governor’s mansion. Warner says if he makes the final decision to run for governor, he will make an official announcement in January 2023.

Warner is a veteran of over 25 years and has been Secretary of State since 2017. He says his motivation to run for 2024 governor is to improve education, promote energy production and enhance the economy.

“Since the mid-term election, I have spoken with people across the state, and received very positive reactions to the accomplishments we’ve made in the Secretary of State’s office,” Warner said. “People want a leader who will continue the serious work which needs to be done to improve education, promote West Virginia energy production, build out infrastructure, and enhance our economy. This is why I am giving every consideration to running for Governor in 2024.”

If Warner chooses to run, he will go against Capito in the West Virginia 2024 Primary Election, along with businessman Chris Miller, the son of U.S. Rep. Carol Miller. Miller filed his pre-candidacy paperwork for the 2024 governor’s race in Dec. 2021.

No potential Democratic candidates have yet announced plans to run for governor.