CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – You’ve probably noticed a heftier bill when you’re checking out at the grocery store. Inflation has led many people to ditch buying name-brand products and go for off brands.

Couples like Gary and Judy Ballard say they’ve always been a fan of off-brand items, but more so these days with higher prices.

“Today everything is about saving money and so much stuff has went up that you pretty much have to pinch your pennies,” Judy Ballard, a shopper said.

Still, Gary says there are just some things he won’t compromise on.

“Certain name brands you can’t get the equivalent in a generic, so we’ll go with the name brand then,” Gary Ballard, a shopper said.

According to a CNN Business Report, grocery prices were 6.4% higher than they were a year ago. That’s the fastest pace of food inflation in more than a decade.

“Because of inflation, I buy store-brand. Now since it’s Christmas and it’s the holidays, there’s a few items like butter. I prefer Land O’Lakes because you’re making special pie crust,” Laura Knauff, a shopper said.

Some people even say they’ve started shopping at several stores to get better deals or not buy as many items in one trip. However, some customers are loyal to their main grocer.

“I just left out of here and I just noticed some prices in the meat department have gone up and everything but that’s not going to deter me from continuing to shop here, but yes almost everything has gone up now. So, that’s pushed me to buying off-brand because of the price,” Jim Harris, a shopper said.

The customers I spoke with off-camera say they do buy name-brand products but only when they can catch a sale or a good bargain.