CABELL COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – A road slip along Union Ridge Road is causing major concern for residents in the Glenwood area.

“I’ve lived here all my life and this is the worst I’ve ever seen any roads,” said Glenwood resident, Raymond Mount. “It’s dangerous all the way around.”

Residents tell 13 News that the road slip continues to get worse and this has been a major problem now for a few months.

Drivers tell me crossing this road is no easy feat, saying it’s nerve-racking as there’s still loose gravel and the road sits at the top of a steep hill.

“Someone’s going to get hurt seriously and it’s going to slip,” said Glenwood resident, Brenda Bailey. “Someone’s going to fall into that giant hole and if they do, just like the trees they are going to keep tumbling. I’m scared to death for all of us that travel this road.”

Residents say the road is hard to avoid as it’s heavily relied on by community members and many depend on it for their day-to-day drive. Some of those making the commute are students riding the school bus.

“They travel it on a regular basis,” said Bailey. “It’s scary for the kids and very scary to watch it go through because they are literally riding up against the hillside.”

What’s really making residents frustrated is there are dealing with more than one slip on this road, and both are only a mile or two apart. Many are concerned both slips will just get worse.

“It would swallow your little car and it’s scary for the elderly especially,” said Bailey.

In response West Virginia Department of Highways spokesperson, Jennifer Dooley says. “We are coordinating with utilities, with an estimate of approximately 45 days before all utilities involved with have their relocations completed. Once that occurs, we can begin work on the ground.”