CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – At the last Kanawha County Commission meeting, the thought of adding an early voting precinct at the Girl Scouts location on the West Side of Charleston was brought up. However, an objection could put that idea to a halt.

“There’s never been an objection to adding an early voting location until we proposed adding one on the West Side and now, apparently, there’s an objection,” said Kanawha County Commissioner Ben Salango.

Salango, County Clerk Vera McCormick and the Chair of the Democratic party all want to establish an early voting precinct on the West Side. But Republican party chair Tresa Howell said she wants more information before she signs off and until she does there won’t be any early voting for the West Side.

“It has to be unanimous consent by the County Clerk, the County Commission and both chairs of our parties, both the Democratic and Republican part of the county and there’s never been a veto of any site that we chose,” Salango explained.

We tried to reach Howell today to learn more about her concerns but we couldn’t reach her.

During the meeting, she questioned the expense of adding another site.

“Of course, there’s cost with every early voting site that we have. Cross Lanes, St. Albans, Nitro, all of them are additional cost but it’s a cost that’s certainly worth it because we want to expand early voting access,” Salango said.

Right now, there are eight early voting sites in Kanawha County, one of those is the County Clerks’ office on Quarrier street, but long lines in the 2020 election prompted the thought of an additional precinct in Charleston.

People on the West Side say adding one would make voting more accessible.

“It would just be a lot easier, there would be more parking. It would definitely help with the turnout of voters,” said Jessica Jordan who works on the West Side.

Others say they don’t think many would turn out.

“A whole lot of people aren’t really involved in that around here,” said Christopher Adkins who lives on the West Side.

There will be a public hearing on this subject at the Kanawha County Commission Courtroom on Tuesday, February 15th at 8:30 a.m. where we will learn more information.