CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — The silence that has been Elk City for years is finally being replaced by the sounds of new businesses being built and customers roaming the downtown streets.

“This area is really coming around. For many years, there were a lot of vacant buildings, not a lot going on,” said Venu Menon, Mea Cuppa Owner.

Several new businesses have opened along a two-block stretch of Washington Street West.

And then, slowly people came into different parts of Elk City and really started turning on the lights, opening the doors, reworking the buildings, and creating some energy.

Venu Menon, Mea Cuppa Owner

“It’s good, I mean I see a lot more people coming out now. Pretty much getting back to normal,” said Jessica Jordan, Green Infusion Manager.

The new and improved Elk City continues to attract both old and new shoppers to the area.

We have a lot of regulars that have been loyal since the beginning, and then we’ve got a lot of new people coming in. Pretty much everyday we have someone new. At least one person.

Jessica Jordan, Green Infusion Manager

This neighborhood has been turned around for the better with the help of state funding, community support, and of course small business owner perseverance.

“The Cares Act money, some of the stuff that the city of Charleston has done, and then just what you can do to grit by and keep going, kind of made it,” said Menon.

Thanks to the ideas and hard work of small business owners and workers putting their faith into a place like Elk City, the area has been able to thrive.

When you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, your heart kind of goes with the business.

Venu Menon, Mea Cuppa Owner

More small businesses plan to open in the Elk City area this summer, hoping to generate even more growth on Charleston’s West Side.